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Please spread this everywhere you can.  Favorite it, repost it (I give you permission), send it to your local congressman (Illinois is taken care of), I don't care. Circulate it everywhere you can. We need to let people know what we think about these acts and why we think they are ridiculous. Print it if you like just in case it is taken down when ACTA comes into effect. We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war! Keep fighting, everyone! This is our internet!

Our "45 theses" of Protest of Internet Censorship
By Kelsey(Midnightlily453) with contributions from Bobby(SpacialDraco)

1. These acts are against our 1st amendment rights, which are inalienable.
2. These are unnecessarily invasive of our personal lives.
3. SOPA/ACTA/PIPA actions by the government are dividing and weakening the country. Remember that quote by Abe Lincoln?
4. Ignorance to opposition by the government and media threatens the very democracy that this nation is built on.
5. Perhaps George Orwell was on to something…
6. SOPA/ACTA/PIPA are hypocritical due to our past criticism of China and the Middle Eastern censorship systems. Now we're going to do the same thing? Way to make us look like fools.
7. If our right of free speech is infringed upon, what right goes next? Freedom of religion?
8. We have long lived without this law with few problems, it is unnecessary.
9. SOPA/ACTA/PIPA mainly represent the interests of the government/media, not the common person.
10. Copyright holders who care about usage of their material already make excessive amounts of money on it.
11. The restriction of use of copyrighted material allows for media misuse of it to command our interests and the workings of the country unfairly.
12. The copyright users who wish to punish those who harmlessly use their material only want to add to their stack off millions, they don't actually care if others use it. The people who really need the money don't wish to punish their fans. It is solely based on greed.
13. The majority of non-owner copyrighted material usage is nonprofit, which does no harm to the owner.
14. No one honestly believes that users of this material are the rightful owners, therefore there is no reputational damage.
15. No damage to the reputation of the owners that somehow does occur is worse than what the media legally does every day.
16. The use of copyrighted people for nonprofit videos and such allows for the discovery of new talented people.
17. Internet censorship makes it difficult to share videos and media with relatives or friends in other locations legally.
18. The internet is many people's only way of expressing themselves, taking away their creative outlets is a harmful and insensitive thing to do.
19. There is nothing morally wrong with letting a child who is too shy or awkward to interact with others in real life get support from people on the internet for their videos and fan works.
20. There is a high risk of suicide in people who depend on the internet for interaction with others and/or attention if these acts are passed.
21. If the internet is censored, there will be no way for fans to support their objects of interests through creative means.
22. There will be no way for those with similar interests to connect with each other.
23. Due to the circumstances in #21, many interesting internet subcultures will be destroyed.
24. Those who put an immense amount of effort into fanfiction/fanart/fanvideos will have all their hard work taken away from them, which is heartbreaking to both the writers themselves and their public.
25. The censoring of many popular teen and young adult sites will put them back on the streets, causing potential violence and risky behavior.
26. Protests that will inevitable erupt from these acts may turn violent.
27. Rebellion sourced from these will cause drastic acts and ultimate loss of more money than gained from the stopping of the "infringement" they protect from, subsequently causing loss of government revenue.
28. SOPA/ACTA/PIPA will cause the country to lose many of its creative minds that get their beginning in fan creation.
29. Much of the internet that is frequently visited will go to waste.
30. Controlling parts of the internet that are concerned with other nations may cause repercussions from said nations.
31. Parts of the web based in other countries are not the US or any other governments' to control.
32. Invading internet privacy and trying to invade internet belonging to others will make us look like a more moronic nation then we already do.
33. The younger generation is dependent on many internet sites that run the risk of being censored, which will cause widespread confusion and depression if these acts are passed.
34. The censoring of many at-risk materials will disrupt the globalization of our country's ideas and ideals.
35. Internet pirates will continue to do what they do with or without these laws. They will always find a way to bypass them.
36. The only people being truly harmed by these acts are ordinary citizens of this and other countries.
37. These acts will break what is left of the "American Dream."
38. Even considering passing these laws is causing students and adults alike to take to the internet and streets to protest, harming their productivity and schoolwork. All this they sacrifice to protest this mindless, insensitive policy. Do you really want to be held accountable for that?
39. The censoring of the internet will cause loss of access to important information by citizens.
40. Much contact with others will be lost, causing misinformation to be accepted more readily due to fewer sources to check with.
41. People have a right to know things whether the government agrees with them or not.
42. With the way our economy is now, it is not wise to shut down websites that are potentially profitable.
43. These acts are causing a large gap between generations, fueling unnecessary disputes.
44. These acts are also encouraging sneaky and underhanded behavior to continue to do things made illegal by these laws.
45. I am just a simple teenager with goals common to many my age. If I find these acts so objectionable as to spend my valuable weekend time writing this, I should hope that my message of just how ridiculous these acts are gets through to someone. I also can only hope that my words express the opinions of many others in my same situation.

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